Squid Game 3D Survival Squad

Squid Game 3D Survival Squad

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Do you want that Treasure in Squid Game ? You have to be brave enough to take it. Squid Game 456 : Survival Challenge Game is the thrilling and fascinating 3D traditional simulator Squid Game K- games that are based on famous childhood Korean Squid Game, this game promises to bring you the most realistic experience of the main character - Player 456. ???? HOW TO PLAY SQUID GAME ???? - Green Light, Red Light: The two rule that you have to keep in mind is "Stop when red and Run when green" - Dalgona Challenge: Break the candy with to come out with different shape like: star, umbrella, circle,... - Tug of War: Use your strength to win against the other group. Remember only 50% of you will survive in this game - Marble Rolling: Play marbles in the right hole in one shot, don't let rival win this game - Glass Stepping Stone: Choose the right glass stone so that your fate wont end regretfully - More and More Get ready to challenge these games: - Red light Green light - Candy carving - Tug of war - Glass bridge - Marble playground - Ddakji Paper flip

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